What to Expect on your training camp:

Day one (Sunday)

Airport transfer, time to assemble bikes with mechanical assistance if required, 45km leg stretcher to check the bikes over and get the legs moving ready for tomorrow.

Welcome talk and discussion on safety and descending.

Day two (Monday)

Both groups, starting together then splitting. 80km ride with one HC climb and a fun descent back to base finishing at a local café for a coffee and tapas.

Evening talk on general training and racing nutrition.

Day three (Tuesday)

Group 1: 75km ride to the coast with one 3rd category climb and a café stop at the beach.

Group 2: 120km ride with one HC and one 2nd category climb meeting the other group at the same café stop before a final 35km up the valley back home.

Evening talk on advanced descending and analysis of video footage.

Day four (Wednesday)

Group 1: 120km ride with one 2nd and one HC category climb and a long descent to the lunch stop at the coast.

Group 2: 150km ride with one 2nd, one 1st and one HC category climb aiming to meet group 1 for a lunch stop at the coast.

Evening talk on nutritional supplements.

Day five (Thursday)

Group 1: Recovery day spin with a café stop.

Group 2: Recovery day spin with a café stop.

Route cards and GPS files are available for individuals who would prefer a longer route.

Afternoon/evening barbeque.

Day six (Friday)

Depending on whether you choose to take part in tomorrow's sportive...

Evening talk on training for climbing.

Day seven (Saturday)

Optional mountainous sportive or long mountainous training ride.